Program Priorities



Equity, justice, and sustainability serve as an overall framework for our grantmaking. Taken together, they help integrate our program areas so we can provide more holistic investments to support vulnerable populations who face a myriad of social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental inequities in their lives and communities. We aim to invest in solutions that can address the underlying conditions that perpetuate inequality, as well as solutions that support new paradigms to old problems. We believe complex social challenges must be addressed as part of an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort; partnerships, peer networks, and leveraging of our resources are essential to achieving our mission. 

Our impact as a grantmaker correlates with the strength of the organizations and leaders we invest in. Therefore, if needed or requested, we provide flexible funding, general operating support grants, as well as other capacity building investments for organization to amplify their impact and reach.



Program Areas & Vision


Bluer/Greener World

Thriving and sustainable ecosystems, are available for diverse populations to enjoy for generations to come. To achieve this vision, the Foundation invests in:

Nature conservation, especially of biodiversity hotspots - regions with the greatest conservation importance yet adversely affected by human interference. Our investments support endangered species, and communities in the developing world whose livelihoods depend on local resources. We believe in building public awareness and educating people about environmental practices to support greater conservation, as well as investing in policy changes that can further large-scale, systemic solutions to our most pressing environmental problems. Finally, we are open to investing in new and innovative solutions and technologies that support more sustainable approaches, and which mitigate the impact of current commercial practices. 


Vibrant Communities

Vibrant communities are built upon the values of social, economic, and environmental justice. To achieve this vision, the Foundation invests in: 

Sustainable and equitable economic development for communities struggling with intergenerational poverty. Our investments support improving systems of care, strengthening community assets and infrastructure, and building public/private partnerships to positively transform underserved neighborhoods. We support new, innovative solutions that can offer a higher quality of life for residents in distressed communities. We want our investments to support residents’ ability to live healthy and full lives in communities with clean air, clean water, open space to play, affordable housing, public transportation, and healthy food systems for current and future generations. 


Empowerment & Equal Opportunity

All individuals – especially the most vulnerable – enjoy full rights, respect, and dignity, and are empowered to create the lives they desire as well as to advance positive community change. To achieve this vision, the Foundation invests in:

Civic engagement and education to empower people to: elect public officials and legislators who align with their priorities, advocate for more equitable laws, as well as build movements for policy changes. Our investments support advocacy, community organizing, and grassroots organizations whose mission is to bring voice to their constituents and create equitable systems, laws, and living environments.